Sistemas Efimeros

Co-curation project (residency and publications). 2012-14
Joya: arte + ecología | CREAF | University of Granada


Terreno – Flow Systems, Maps and Other Documents: a topographic survey of ephemeral systems, exploring ideas of physical and human geography

Terreno is a series of surveys on the terraces of the water-catchment site at Los Gázquez. Experimental fieldwork is documented using photographs and other instruments to record ideas. This creates a dataset to inform new conceptual works. I am interested in the site as an extension of social space – a place for people to gather, research and modify. For me, Sistemas Efímeros is a site and an idea that will encourage change, a location that will remain static, and a surface that will see many revisions.

Themes explored to date:
Fragmentation – erosion / division / neglect / separation
Population – clustering / gathering / building networks / social pathways
Distribution – lineage / species / dispersal / occurrence

Walking residency staying at an off-grid arts centre / research with talk and publications / cultural public programme / environmental land-use programme

Luce Choules
Sigrid Holmwood
E Jackson
Anna Macleod

Project partners:
Simon and Donna Beckmann, Founders of Los Gazquez and ‘Joya: arte + ecología’, Almería, Spain | Dr Ana García-López, Vice-Dean for Institutional Relationships and Research at the Fine Arts Faculty, and professor of Audiovisual Projects, University of Granada, Spain | Dr Enrique Doblas-Miranda, Scientific Coordinator of MONTES-Consolider project at CREAF (Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications), and PI of the MENFRI project FP7-INCO-R2I (Mediterranean Network of Forestry Research and Innovation), Spain | Maite Frade García, Environmentalist and Botanist, Murcia, Spain | Ignacio Quesada Rodríguez, Teacher (Biology and Geology) at Rambla de Nogalte High School, Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia, Spain.

Environmental Art, Curated Landscapes, Cultural Tourism, Physical/Human Geography, Ecology, Survey, Fieldwork.

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