Through my long-term activities and involvement with arts organisations and academic institutions (UK, Europe and US), the Royal Geographical Society (London) and many trans-disciplinary conferences, symposiums, meetings and talks with artists who use fieldwork in their practice, I began working on the framework for the TSOEG network in 2013, launched the website in 2015 and continue its activities to date.



Temporal School of Experimental Geography is an itinerant network of artists sharing ideas and responses to landscape through fieldwork. The intention is to explore and consider the geographic potential of artist-led fieldwork, and the experience and meaning of these practices to contribute to our collective understanding of place. The aim of TSOEG is to bring together artists working across a range of disciplines and geographic environments, to discuss fieldwork as methodology, parallel activity, art form, and research. The activities of the TSOEG network are shared through presentations, publications, and exhibitions.