LUCE CHOULES workshop 2022 Ariege

The workshops planned at AADK (Centro Negra) for March, April, May and June in 2021 were cancelled – a rescheduled intensive 4-day workshop is now planned for autumn 2022.

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A single activity from the Immaterial Fields workshop also took place at Moor House scientific field station, North Pennines, UK in 2019.

Developed and led by artist Luce Choules, Immaterial Fields is a workshop programme exploring gravity, motion and stillness. The methods used are the culmination of the artist’s 10-year enquiry into The Body Holding Space.


“Interesting dynamics that promote deep listening and closer relationship of a group … a safe environment to express freely, dissolve in the landscape and in the words of others.”

“I wanted to write [to you] about the exercise – I was so angry doing it. But it made miracles :) I have been in this closed circle of depression for six years, two years of therapy – but suddenly that exercise helped me to break free.”

“To listen. Birds, voices from the distance, a machine, insects. A bell telling me, framing the time that is passing by … The discomfort of my body, the resistance of my mind, the perception of this dark space – sometimes expanded, sometimes reduced … Perceiving, being present, becoming sensitive to what is there, and in us.”

“Thank you again for the workshop, I found it to be a really thought-provoking experience. The listening exercise in particular was very meditative, and I found that writing directly after that allowed me to collect my thoughts very easily and the writing I did then I was very pleased with.”

“I found the whole process of slowing down so difficult!”

“Enjoyed reflecting on the time in Chamonix, how lovely that was and so influential for me.”

“How nice to spend so much time with the mountain… and in a way I never imagined was possible.”

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The Transported Body, Methods for states of mind (running time 40sec). 2020 – ongoing
CHOULES The Transported Body method #1
The Transported Body is a remote workshop programme developed by artist Luce Choules in collaboration with others. These conceptual performance methods use suspension, delay and consequence to explore states of mind.



CHOULES The Field Beyond Work

The Field Beyond Work

Developed and led by artist Luce Choules, this workshop opens up discussions around passivity – to be passive is to accept or allow what happens or what others do, without actively responding or resisting. In the practice of aimlessness, the person who has nothing to do and nowhere to go has time for everything and everyone.



Mentoring and coaching:
Choules works with artists to support their practice, including: critical feedback, work or project development, and ideas for documentation or publishing formats.

“My conversations with Luce are invaluable. [They have] a unique, gentle and intuitive way of enabling me to unscramble my thoughts. For many years [they have] helped me find meaningful frames and flexible structures to hold my projects and interrogate my practice as a whole. I can’t recommend [them] enough.”

“I think we have covered almost everything on my original list for the coaching – in this thorough reworking of the web site and the written work necessary for that, means that I think I have delved far more deeply into the subject and given my practice the direction it needs.”

“To be honest these sessions have gone better than I imagined!”

Individuals and groups:
For many years, they have been leading workshops across the Arts that deal with fieldwork, survey, mapping, documentation and writing. These have taken place with individuals and groups in a range of indoor and outdoor environments. Organisations include: Hangar (Barcelona), Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades (Barcelona); The Camden Centre (London); UAL Central St Martins (London); Royal Holloway University of London, Centre for the GeoHumanities (London); Cambridge Artworks (Cambridge); London Art Fair and Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art (London); Turner Contemporary (Margate); Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust (Shropshire); National Portrait Gallery (London); National Maritime Museum – Royal Museums Greenwich (London); Arts Catalyst (London); Museum of London; University of Brighton; Brunei Gallery, SOAS (London); ICA (London); and the Royal Geographical Society (London).

RGS Explore:
Choules previously coordinated workshop activities at the Royal Geographical Society for over a decade as part of the annual Explore: expedition and fieldwork planning event, held at the Society’s headquarters in London, UK. Since stepping down in 2019 to focus activities in their practice, other TSOEG artists now organise the Artists in the Field workshop – more details of Explore can be found here.

Image credit: RGS-IBG (Explore 2019)