Rabbit Island

Commission / funded project (residency and exhibition). 20016-17
Rabbit Island Foundation | DeVos Art Museum

LUCE CHOULES In Land, An Island

In Land, An Island – a fieldwork

In Land, An Island was a fully funded, solitary one-month environmental arts residency on a remote island in Lake Superior, USA – a 91-acre ‘unsettled and undivided space’. The residency was used to develop new geographic methodologies and artistic taxonomies to explore ideas of displacement.

Walking and swimming residency staying alone on a remote island / group exhibition with publication / gallery and public programmes / environmental land-use programme / working with museum volunteers

Walter van Broekhuizen (July)
Luce Choules (August)
Jack Forinash (September)
Kelly Gregory (September)
Mary Rothlisberger (September)
Frank Daniel Rzicznek – poet (June)

Project partners:
Andrew Ranville, Director and co-founder of Rabbit Island Foundation, Lake Superior, Michigan, USA | Rob Gorski, Co-founder of Rabbit Island Foundation, Lake Superior, Michigan, USA | Melissa Matuscak Alan, Museum Director and Curator, DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, USA | Emily Lanctot, Curator of Collections and Outreach, DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, USA.

Environmental Art, Curated Landscapes, Cultural Tourism, Physical/Human Geography, Ecology, Survey, Fieldwork.

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Group show Rabbit Island 2016 Residency Exhibition | 25.09.17 – 12.11.17
Luce Choules, collective Jack Forinash, Kelly Gregory, and Mary Rothlisberger, F. Daniel Rzicznek, and Walter van Broekhuizen.
DeVos Art Museum, North Michigan University (NMU), Michigan, USA.

Group show A Sense of Place (Rabbit Island collection) | 2.09.18 – 19.10.18
Julieta Aguinaco, Beau Carey, Luce Choules, Sarah Demoen, Jack Forinash, Kelly Gregory, Helen Lovelee, Miles Mattison, Josefina Muñoz, Andrew Ranville, Isabella Rose Martin, Walter van Broekhuizen, and Mary Welcome.
Finlandia University Gallery, Finnish American Heritage Center, Hancock, Michigan, USA.