Encura #3

Commission / funded project (residency and symposium). 2019
Hangar Barcelona | Curator’s Network (Hablarenarte) Madrid

LUCE CHOULES Itinerant Actions

Itinerant Actions – a fieldwork programme

Itinerant Actions developed a collective fieldwork research programme for Hangar that explored remote outposts, peripatetic practice and the fluidity of site-responsive working. The project invited resident artists at Hangar and cultural agents based in Barcelona to engage in a critical dialogue about embodied knowledge, ecological economies, roaming landscapes and material territory. The project was envisioned as site-responsive and adaptive; and outputs – including a workshop, symposium and film – drew on many aspects of the fieldwork process including conversations between cultural agents, artists, landscapes and actions.

The research explored both the critical dialogue between art and geography through fieldwork and the geographies of artistic practice in the landscape to develop new models of research in peripatetic practice and itinerant working. Fieldwork in artistic practice is an interesting line of research, since preliminary thinking and making are often not documented or omitted from the artist’s final work. This project focuses on how artists come into relation with different contexts: itinerant situations, performative strategies, embodied experiences and geographical locations.

Itinerant Actions was developed through the Temporal School of Experimental Geography (TSOEG.org) and connects with several previous research projects dealing with fieldwork.

Research residency staying at Hangar shared residence house / public programme with workshop, symposium and film / working with cultural agents and remote art centres

Paula Bruna
Luce Choules
Patricia Dauder
David Ortiz Juan

Mark Aitken – documentary filmmaker
Rosa Cerarols – cultural geographer
Eulàlia Comas – ecologist
Lala Thorpe – cultural producer and education curator

Project partners:
Lluís Nacenta, Director, Hangar.org, Barcelona, Spain | Marta Gracia, Head of Research Projects, Hangar.org, Barcelona, Spain | Sergi Botella, Coordinator of Activities and Residences, Hangar.org, Barcelona, Spain | Ludovica Michelin, Research Communication, Hangar.org, Barcelona, Spain | Flavia Introzzi, Strategic Partnerships and International Projects Coordinator at Curators’ Network, Madrid, Spain | Georg Zolchow, Project Coordinator at Curators’ Network, Madrid, Spain | Carmen Mateos, International Projects Development and Management at Hablarenarte, Madrid, Spain | Florencia Fergnani, Coordinator of Cultural Activities at Hablarenarte, Madrid, Spain | ARCO Art Fair, Madrid | Matadero, Madrid | AADK (Centro Negra), Blanca, Murcia, Spain | CACiS (Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat), Calders, Barcelona, Spain | El Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera, Farrera, Pyrenees, Spain | Inland (Campo Adentro), Madrid, Spain.

Environmental Art, Curated Landscapes, Cultural Tourism, Physical/Human Geography, Ecology and Geology, Survey, Fieldwork.

Funded by:
Hangar.org, Hablarenarte (Curators’ Network Madrid), Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Sabadell Fundació, Acción Cultural Española

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