Face of the Earth


Face of the Earth is a series of interconnected research projects, involving: environmental mapping and curated landscapes, geographical ecosystems and cultural tourism, artist expeditions and experimental fieldwork.

Ongoing projects:
Guide74 (started 2007, first shown 2015), France
The Insurmountable and Unknowable Object (started 2010, not shown to date), Europe
Estudio de Campo (started 2012, first shown 2018), Spain
Stronghold (started 2015, not shown to date), France, Portugal, Spain, UK
Mountain Ranging (started 2015, not shown to date), France, Portugal, Spain, UK
Anthropo-scenic Tour (started 2015, not shown to date), Spain
Mountain Festival (started 2016, annual event), France
Navigating the Erratic (started 2017, first shown 2018), France
Landranger (started 2018, first shown 2018), UK

Long-term research projects:
Fieldworking | Water Cycle


Published papers:
Fieldwork in Practice: shared geographies (with case studies: Neal White, Emma Smith) – El simposio Topografías de lo Invisible, Barcelona, Spain 2013 [published 2015]

Performance papers:
Guide74: A Mountain Recording Activity – various versions responding to theme

Research posters:
A Mountain Recording Activity: Future Remains | A Mountain Recording Activity: Present Reserve


LUCE CHOULES A Mountain Recording Activity
Image shows research poster A Mountain Recording Activity