Installation (vinyl lettering, photographic images). 2019 – ongoing

The Measures are wall-based installations that bring together material from the artist’s performance works and extensive photographic archive. Using voice, atmosphere and placement, these works call attention to the presence of language reduced to a fragmented memory. Exploring environmental systems and structures, this work addresses the changing climate of humanity and the material relationships between culture and nature.

The text pieces ‘all touch is resistance’ and ‘monument to another past’ together with their image captions (below) were first exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society, London, UK 2019

LUCE CHOULES The Measures (all touch is resistance)

LUCE CHOULES The Measures (monument to another past)

Photographic series (C-type prints). 2019

Wormhole is a series of photographic propositions made from combining elements from the artist’s Prehistories collection – to date, c.1000 natural and artificial objects. A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that creates a shortcut for long journeys across the universe. In the work, objects with different timescales are compressed through the making of a photograph. Held together in the image, these propositions allow the objects to exist in the same time-space.

Images show Wormhole (desert glass – industrial waste sand), Wormhole (flourite – nest), Wormhole (moss – flint)

Natural Archive (moss, lichen, pine needles, leaves, buds, seeds, twigs, bark, insect skin, feather). 2016

The Collector has been developed as a method to gather material from the field. In making physical contact with the ground, the blanket selects natural debris. The loose debris that becomes attached to the underside of the blanket is carefully separated and catagorised to make an arbitrary archive. The work explores collecting as a material gesture.



Installation (various-sized photographic images on paper, repositional photographic pieces, projected still images, tented structure, rocks).

Réservoir is an exhibition proposition following an extensive, decade-long study of fluid systems in the Haute-Savoie, France; and part of the artist’s Guide74 work. The proposed installation is made up of multifaceted dynamic parts – some fixed, others mobile. Elements include: groups of images changed intermittently by museum/gallery staff, large-scale projected images arranged as an atmospheric environment, and a central tented structure. The installation acts as an immersive guide that reflects on the interconnected activities of tourism, heritage and conservation and its dependency on mountain water in the fast-disappearing glacial environment of the French Alps.

SUMMIT SERIES (see below for works in this series and other notes)

The works in this series are motivated by a challenge from Pierre la Roche, president of the ‘Pataphysical Alpine Sports Club (‘PASC). Each work adds to an impressive archive of the artist’s achievements. This playful and serious endeavour introduces elements of repetition, excess and live event to the activity of summiting, questioning the human desire to conquer.

Performance / Live Event (1000 postcards, red pen).

1000 Routes to the Summit is a live drawing event where the artist climbs a thousand different routes to the summit of a mountain with a pen.

LUCE CHOULES Pasc 1000 Routes to the Summit

Installation (framed large-format inkjet print, tented structure, rocks, red pen).

Summit Expedition is an installation about the artist climbing a series of summits in a mountain range with a pen.

LUCE CHOULES Pasc Summit Expedition

Performance / Live Event (very large inkjet print, notebook, pencil, red pen).

Summit Day is a durational performance where the artist climbs to the summit of a single mountain with a pen.

LUCE CHOULES Pasc Summit Day

‘PASC is an imaginary entity located in the French Alps.
‘Pataphysics is a pseudophilosophy dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics. It is a parody of the theory and methods of modern science. The term was coined and the concept created by French writer Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), who defined ‘pataphysics as “the science of imaginary solutions”. (Wikipedia)