Concept Album (image, text and sound). 2021-22
SEL__NOIR collective (Laroche+Roisner)

Artist collective SEL__NOIR present their new concept album REGOLITHIC.
Created as a form of resistance and social protest, this work exposes the destructive activities of corporations and governments and their toxic relationship to the Earth. Moving beyond sensationalist and dystopian news media, the album’s twelve audiovisual tracks propose an exhilarating ride through the failing structures that cause the environmental crisis.

Vimeo channel

Image, text and sound work for the album started November 2021 and finished April 2022
Album partially released via social media platforms between May, June and July 2022
Album press release 19.08.22 [PDF]
Album fully released via Vimeo channel in August 2022
Audio-only release on ‘Aldarrax’ label (Spain) 30.08.22
EP1 release on ‘sound Of ruins’ label (Spain) October 2022
EP2 release on ‘sound Of ruins’ label (Spain) November 2022
EP3 release on ‘sound Of ruins’ label (Spain) December 2022

SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 1 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 2 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 3 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 4 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 5 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 6 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 7 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 8 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 9 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 10 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 11 SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2022) track 12

01 Other Planets – mismanagement of economies, failures in corporate practice and colonisation of space
02 Remembering and Forgetting – pollution from chemical processes, contested value of industry and disregard for health
03 Colliding – hidden value of matter, expanse of underground science and creation of dark energy
04 Be Holding – empty promise of commerce, unseen damage of financial growth and loss of life
05 Serving Networks – irreversible actions of industry, indifference of exploitative practice and inflated fortunes of technology
06 Filters and Syphons – elected positions of power, damaged systems of exchange and exploitation of resources
07 Broken – uneven distribution of wealth, abuse of power and illusion of security
08 Power Circuits – destabilising effects of credit, influence of corporate greed and reliance on unbalanced systems
09 Shield and Screen – invisibility of boundaries, false monitoring of policy and mistrust of protective mechanisms
10 Economic Stealth – secrecy in fiscal schemes, protection of identities and hidden costs of luxury
11 Safeguarding – accumulation of unwanted debt, grip of exploitative regimes and systemic support of fraud
12 Dust – progression of ruins, consequences of complacency and gravity of actions

Collaboration Biography:
SEL__NOIR is an inter-disciplinary artist collective founded in 2021 in response to the environmental crisis. Their immersive audiovisual projects investigate the entanglement of economic structures and power relations that foster destructive practices and the socio-ecological impact of these actions. The work of the collective is a wide-ranging commentary on harmful activities taking place in the geopolitical, economic and social spheres.

REGOLITHIC Laroche+Roisner press image

SEL__NOIR co-founders Laroche+Roisner

Project partners:
sound Of ruins, Blanca, Spain | AADK (Centro Negra), Blanca, Spain | Aldarrax, Blanca, Spain | ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK | The Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics (SECP), University of Brighton, UK | Wellbeing, Ecology, Gender and cOmmunity (WEGO-ITN) research network for Feminist Political Ecology, European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme | Political Ecology Network (POLLEN), POLLEN Secretariat hosted by the Resources, Environment and Development Group, Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

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REGOLITHIC ‘traces’ (public readings and screenings)

Preludes (2021)
Launched in January 2022 as part of the Despite Extractivism online exhibition, POLLEN & University of Brighton, UK
[two audio-visual works shown as introductory movements to the concept album]
CHOULES+ROISNER Regolithic (2021) prelude SEL__NOIR Regolithic (2021) prelude

Remembering and forgetting the air (27.01.22)
Performed live online as part of the Despite Extractivism events, scalar theme: ‘Embodiment’, POLLEN & University of Brighton, UK
[screen-shared images, narrated script, Q&A]
CHOULES+ROISNER Regolithic (2021 ongoing) fragment 2