Artist project (image, text and sound). 2021 – ongoing
Self-directed work with collaborator Roisner

CHOULES+ROISNER Regolithic (2021 ongoing)

Set in motion by artists Choules+Roisner, REGOLITHIC uses fragments containing image, sound and text to explore the material fields of geological and geopolitical territories. The larger work constructs an environment in which to think about the precarity, resilience and momentum held in material transformation.

REGOLITHIC (in a literal sense ‘rug of stone’) is to remember the Earth is covered in loose material – the thin layer on which we build our lives. It is also to remember that humans in the form of corporations and industries contribute a destabilising effect across the world through extraction activities, whether mining minerals or mining data. Using ideas of fragmentation the REGOLITHIC compositions are an ongoing meditation on cause and effect – opening a poetic space for discourse and visual listening, also a time for moving together.

Two REGOLITHIC ‘preludes’ (launching November 2021) serve as introductory movements to a concept album due for slow release in 2022.

Cummulative studio project

Luce Choules

Project partners:
sound Of ruins, Blanca, Spain | ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK | Extracting Us, currently coordinated at the University of Brighton, East Sussex, UK | Political Ecology Network (POLLEN), POLLEN Secretariat currently hosted by the Resources, Environment and Development Group, Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Conceptual Art and Digital Environments, Technology and Ecology, Geology and Geopolitics.

Collaboration Biography:
Artists Choules+Roisner started their REGOLITHIC collaboration during the autumn of 2021. They work in the visual, sonic and conceptual arts, live performance and music production. Their fieldwork takes place in natural, managed, extractive and post-industrial landscapes, and responds with sculptural, performative and digital environments.