Performance / Live Event (projected photographic imagery, poetic script, books). 2018

Confluences is a large body of work made through a series of extensive studies in a natural park spanning France and Belgium. This live performance uses a format of projected imagery, spoken word and literary readings to take an audience on a poetic journey to the fluid features of a post-industrial region in northern Europe. Through a detailed survey into the structures and systems of industrial and leisure canal networks, open and closed river systems, SSSI locations and ephemeral water this work is an investigation into accelerated change, collapsing environments and the transportation of material.

LUCE CHOULES Confluences


In May 2018, the Transformation Theme of the Heritage Futures project hosted a knowledge-exchange workshop in Cornwall. The event brought together a diverse group of people to talk about the role of the arts in landscape management and development activity in changing landscapes.

Selection of projected images used:

LUCE CHOULES Confluences LUCE CHOULES ConfluencesLUCE CHOULES Confluences